Photo, Square, or Pano?

iPhone 6s Plus


iPhone users are faced daily with their most difficult decision yet..


I mean, I get it.. You want the BEST picture possible, considering you're not so tech savvy when it comes to taking pictures. #badgenes

Let me help you with that! Let's start with asking yourself a couple of questions:

  1. What look and feel do I want?

  2. Is it for personal use or will I post it on Social Media?

Taking these into account will really make the most of your picture.

PHOTO: great for personal use such as taking a quick snap of Fluffy the cat. #meow

SQUARE: Be INSTAGRAM ready and take pictures that fit perfectly into that box on IG. No need to awkwardly crop out friends because they don't fit into that box. #getinthatbox

PANO: Look and act like a professional photographer as you stand nervously trying not to make your hand shake as you take an absolutely breathtaking picture of the view in front of you. #panolikeapro

The SELFIE addicts out there would find SQUARE the best option for them, as it frames your face and the lighting automatically focuses on your best traits!

So there you go, keep these tips in mind when next faced with the PHOTO, SQUARE, or PANO question.

My personal choice is SQUARE as I post a lot on Instagram. For scenery, I adore PANO as it gives me a better memory of what I experienced (breathtaking views).

Here's a sample of a few snaps from my recent travels (using PANO):


Santa Monica Beach, LA

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

And it's that simple!

Oh, and don't forget to EDIT your pictures after taking them. A new filter or simply adjusting the lighting can do wonders! It's all pre-installed into your iPhone and takes seconds!

Just a tip if you're taking pictures for other people, TAP ON THEIR FACE TO FOCUS! You wouldn't want your friend(s) to get home and see blurry pictures that they can't post to their social media accounts. #quehorror



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