Are birthdays an excuse?

Morning run.. (Brisbane, AUS)

Inspired to do a 'birthday post' today from all the amazing greetings I got over the course of the day..





This led me to thinking: are you EXCUSED from everything just because it's your birthday?

I understand that as a kid you basically get all your hopes and wishes on your birthday, but what about as an ADULT?

After going for my morning run first thing, I was greeted by THIS as I got home:

Sugar rush..




Mum knows me too well! I have a HUGE sweet tooth..

As I tried to argue that I was trying to eat healthy, she continued to say 'It's ok it's your birthday!'

So then it kicked in.

If it's 'ok' to eat ANYTHING I want on my birthday, does it also mean that:

  1. It's ok to chuck a sickie from work and stay home to 'do more important things'?

  2. Display odd behaviour as a 'free pass' on your special day?

  3. Ask for special favours from friends/relatives who will then be obliged to say YES?

And the list goes on..

I mean, yeah, I'm just saying. You do get that extra special ATTENTION on your birthday.


Today I got $20 off a new denim jacket I bought because Mum told the sales assistant it was my birthday! (I then got into a 25min conversation with her on how we would STYLE the denim jacket in different looks.. LOVES IT!)




So there you go.. What do you all think about birthdays? Do you still end up getting all you wished for? Can birthdays really be used as an EXCUSE?

So I, Tom, hereby excuse myself from my diet today to eat THIS:


Yes I do dabble in baking with Mummy dear, see:

What's it called you say? Let me take a deep breath..

Nutella filled Vanilla Cupcake w/Nutella Cream Cheese Frosting, garnished with a Lindt Chocolate bomb, drizzled w/Nutella.





#MariasKitchen -----> Mum's baking business IG: @corafrancomarcos

So imma eat this and worry about how many k's I need to run when I wake up tomorrow.


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