Ray-bans: Love 'em or Loathe 'em?


Yeah, the ones your parents were wearing even before you thought they were cool..

Honestly though, everyone was wearing them in the 90s. I thought they looked horrible back then coz all I wanted to wear were the bright coloured plastic sunnies on display at the supermarket checkout..



Well if you haven't noticed already, they've made an all out comeback in the past few years.. AND I LOVE IT!

I bought my first pair of Aviator Classics 2 years ago, and now managed to grow my collection to 4 pairs after the successful purchase of my new Clubmaster Silver Flash!

Exhibit A:





Reasons why I love Ray-bans:

  1. They match anything you wear

  2. They're unisex

  3. They come in different sizes

  4. They come with an amazing leather case (in black or brown)

  5. They suit peeps of any age

  6. They're timeless

I love Ray-bans soooo much they make me want to do TWIRLY SELFIES in different countries:

Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles

​ Madrid, Spain

But seriously though, Ray-bans are surprisingly durable.

I throw them about and get them wet at the beach/pool and they still look amazing after a quick wipe down.

Timeless you say?

History says they were orginally made for pilots in the 1930s to reduce nausea and headaches caused by altitude and sun glare.



They even come in a FOLDABLE option that'll fit right in your front or back pocket!

Foldable Aviators



So what are you waiting for?

If you haven't got a pair already, pop down to the local shops and get a pair of your very FIRST Ray-bans!


I'm telling you, in 10-20 years time, your KIDS / NEPHEWS / NIECES will be asking if they can borrow your Ray-bans..



The verdict?



More info ----------> http://www.ray-ban.com/

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