Snake Venom in a Face Mask?

It's THAT time of the month!

Yes, I make sure I bung on a facial mask at least 1-2 times a month if I can squeeze it in..




The nature of my work puts all kinds of PRESSURE (!) on my skin so imma need all the help I can get to keep looking in tip top shape!


One of my recent travels had me flying to Seoul, South Korea in search for the latest beauty products on the market.



What I noticed was local MALE celebrities being used to sell beauty products to both MEN and WOMEN:


Oh hi there!



So I bought a pack of SSEAL SYN-AKE MASK SHEET. They come in a pack of 10 so you would be able to notice results over a period of time.

Why this mask sheet?

Well it claims to tie skin tissues and enhance skin firmness.

"A new peptide modeled after the venom of the Temple Viper"




After a quick wash of the facey, I bunged on a maskey:

Instructions say 15-20min, but as a trusted Korean colleague once told me:

"Leave it on until it completely dries out for maximum results"

So I left it on for a good 45min until it dried out.

A few points I noticed:

  1. Shave before putting it on, it doesn't stick to your beard (cloth like material of mask).

  2. After taking it off, rub in the residue (snake venom lol) to make sure it seeps into the pores.

  3. My skin did feel a tad tighter, not sure if it was the residue or just my mood.

For what it's worth, I think it's a pretty good product.

'The Face Shop' prides itself in 'sharing the benefits of nature'. So I'd say this is a pretty safe product as its not ACTUAL snake venom.




I bought a few other products which will definitely be featured on future posts. I think it's great that their products are marketed to be UNISEX.

Their shops are pretty much worldwide, so VERY easy for anyone to grab!

But yeah, I mean, I'd definitely BUNG ON ANOTHER MASKEY ON THE FACEY soon!



More info -----> The Face Shop

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