TREND: The Denim Jay



Yes boys, THE DENIM JAY is officially back and its' ready to make a HUGE impact on your wardrobe this 2016!

If you're a fan of street/urban style then you'll LOVE how versatile the denim jay actually is..

Literally throw it on top of any pants/shirt combo and you're ready!




Here's how I made my DENIM JAY look for today:

Brisbane, AUS

JACKET: 'The Trucker Jacket' by Levis

SHIRT: Zara Basic

PANTS: H&M Skinny Low Jeans (dark grey)

SHOES: Adidas Superstar Foundation (Collegiate Royal)

ACCESSORIES: River Island, Topman

Urban Style

To make sure you're 2016 ready, keep in mind the following when creating YOUR look:

  1. If you're wearing jeans, DO NOT match the colour/wash of your denim jay with your pants (unless you're rockin' an 80s/90s outfit for Halloween).

  2. A smart pair of usually DRESSY shoes go well with the 'street style' look.

  3. A good pair of SNEAKERS also go well with the 'urban style' look.

  4. Darker jeans go well with a lighter-wash denim jay.

  5. Consider getting one size smaller and push up the sleeves for an 'edgier' look.

  6. Don't be afraid to mix it up with chino's or shorts.

  7. Unless it's part of your work uniform, DO NOT let friends/partners/relatives rock up with the same/similar denim jay (#quehorror).

Take a few pointers from my mates Ry, Davo, and Zacy here:

So there you have it, where's your DENIM JAY?

Getting one is PURE INVESTMENT.

They go in and out of style just like MADONNA so it's a pretty safe bet!

I never go out of style!




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