TREND: White Sneaks

Lacoste Marcel

Doesn't she look pretty?





I first fell in LOVE with my first pair of WHITE SNEAKS back in high school.


While being on a budget that time, my white sneakers matched EVERYTHING I had in my limited/teenage wardrobe.




Has anyone else noticed that they've never really gone out of STYLE or FASHION?

Sure, variations have been released here and there but I'm almost CERTAIN that if you pulled out your old pair of white sneaks from 2001, you'd still be able to pull them off with an AMAZING outfit!

Brisbane, AUS


SHOES: Lacoste Marcel

SHIRT: Zara Basic


PANTS: H&M Skinny Ripped Jeans (grey)

WATCH: Victorinox


Here's a closer look at how PRETTY my new shoes are.. (!)

Lacoste Marcel

Yep, $60 on SALE, 75% off at the Outlet Mall!




Still not convinced?

  • Dress them up with a pair of fitted slacks, basic tee, and a blazer.

  • For street style, a pair of skinny jeans and a flannel shirt complete the look.

  • Don't be afraid to mix and match with different types of shorts.

  • Make sure you wear low ankle socks (hidden) for an updated look.

Also, the white sneaker is literally available ANYWHERE!


Walk into ANY brand of clothing/shoe store and you'll see some sort of white sneaker on sale.

Heck, even my mate Dave's been wearing them for AGESSSSS..

So hurry.

It's time to rummage through that old closet and take out those SNAZZY WHITE SNEAKERS you fell in love with 10 years ago.

Although, they might need a good RUB DOWN with a wet wipe for good measure.





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