All About Balmain..

October 25, 2015






Let's keep it real. 



What do YOU know about BALMAIN?


(choose one)


  1. Nada

  2. Kimmy K wears it

  3. Kanye wears it

  4. I think 'Yonce wears it

  5. It's from France

  6. Do they make clothes?





Don't worry, imma give you a quick rundown of how Balmain is going to SLAY the rest of 2015 and BEYOND..



You see, they just launched a new MEN'S FRAGRANCE



I just bought it and I just have to say that it's AMAZE!










I'm J'ADORING right now coz it's EXACTLY what I look for in a perfume/cologne.



It's bottle was inspired by the Balmain Military Jacket.. LOVE!





Now, next on the SLAY agenda..



Balmain is COLLABORATING with everyone's fave H&M for a collection this year..







Have a listen to what Balmain Creative Director OLIVIER ROUSTEING has to say about it:





Oh, and here's a preview of their upcoming worldwide launch for 05.NOV.15 featuring our gal pal 'it' girls KENDALL JENNER and GIGI HADID:











Still not convinced? 



Check out the some select pieces from the upcoming MENSWEAR line for Balmain x H&M:











So are you HYPED about Balmain now?






Well you should be, coz you'll DEFINITELY be hearing more about this Parisian brand in the next few years.. 



Just ask Kendall Nicole and Jelena Noura!





Oh, and thanks Olivier!









More info:




-----> BALMAINxH&M:






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