DIY: Denim shorts

November 3, 2015



So I was rummaging through my wardrobe the other day.. 








And eventually stumbled upon a pair of the UGLIEST white skinny jeans ever!








I was about to throw them out when a mate said "LET'S CUT THEM UP!"







I mean yeah, denim shorts are really HOT right now especially since its SUMMER. 



It felt really good to be able to renew the life of my WHITE JEANS.. 




Here's a video that'll really HELP in making sure your new DENIM SHORTS are THE BOMB after you're through with them:








So what are you waiting for? 






Points to ponder when selecting an OLD pair of jeans:



  1. Haven't worn them for more than 6-months

  2. The cut is out of style (bell-bottoms etc LOL)

  3. The colour just doesn't match anything in your wardrobe

  4. Because you're bored and don't have anything to do



And TA-DA, you've saved well over $100 on buying a new pair of denim shorts!











Keep in mind the following tips when STYLING your new denim shorts:


  1. Matching it with an oversized shirt/sweater will update your look.

  2. Make sure you wear low heel socks when wearing shoes.

  3. Roll up the bottom of the shorts or leave the 'distressed' look for edge.







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