Panda Facial Masks

It's been a hella LONG week..






Another one of my discoveries while in South Korea are these cute LIL' OLE TINGS:


Oh hi collagen!

Found them in THE FACE SHOP and, naturally, bought about 20 of them..




They actually double as a COLLAGEN + HYALURONIC ACID facial mask sheet, so not ONLY are you looking ridiculous, but you're actually NOURISHING your skin too!





So I did a quick GOOGLE of what Hyaluronic Acid is.. I mean, yeah, I'm putting it on my FACE.

Hyaluronic Acid, when used in a face mask, assists in delivering rich moisture to dry and flaky skin..

AMAZEBALLS when matched with COLLAGEN!

Here I am VOGUEING the HECK out of it:






And the FUN doesn't stop there..

The Face Shop has KINDLY offered these other fun designs ready to make YOU look as RIDIC as you can:

Honestly though, they are SOOOO much FUN!

Imagine using these on your next SLUMBER PARTY or whatever get together you've got planned with your mates.

You know, like a WEDDING or a BAPTISM or any other appropriate event in your life..

How to look PANDA

Again, follow these tips to get the MOST out of your CHARACTER MASK:

  1. Wash face and use a toner (if possible) prior to application.

  2. Leave on until the mask completely dries out (45min).

  3. Take lots of SELFIES and upload to SOCIAL MEDIA.

  4. After removing, rub in any left over residue for maximum results.

So what are you waiting for?

Time to text your mates and plan a trip to the nearest THE FACE SHOP outlet and choose a look that FLOATS YOUR BOAT.

Decisions decisions!

Personally, I want to try the PIG next to match my OVERALL LOOK the past few weeks..





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