Are you a 'Belieber'?

November 10, 2015



Justin Drew Bieber








I know you secretly LOVED him back in his "One Less Lonely Girl" phase.. 






And NO, it NEVER became one less lonely girl!







Then it happened.. 



That period of about 20 years when we all DISLIKED him to the MAX!



Well, on a recent night, out I discovered that everyone absolutely LOVES him again.. 













Seriously, adults in their 30s and 40s were JAMMING to his new songs.. 






I have to admit, I've always appreciated his MUSIC somehow after all these years. 



It's a shame how one's ANTICS can overshadow their TALENT







I did LOVE the hair he was rocking a few months back:











But what I love MORE is his new song:





It was THIS song that got everyone going last weekend. 



Several peeps were asking me who sung it, and when I said it was GOOD OLE JB, the following reactions ensued:



  1. No way Jose!

  2. Srsly?!

  3. I hate this song! (after dancing like a lunatic to it)




So yeah, I wouldn't actually say I'm a 'Belieber', but I do love his new TUNES.. 














So what say you?



Are you now a 'BELIEBER'?
















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