Christmas: When to decorate?

When to decorate?

It's THAT time of the year again..

Oh yes!

For those celebrating CHRISTMAS, when do YOU start putting up all your decor?

  1. October

  2. November

  3. 1st week of December

  4. When Mum tells me

  5. I buy Bath & Body Works candy cane hand wash, that'll do

  6. I can't afford to decorate

Peeps, it's WELL into November so I suggest you start digging up SOMETHING to put in your crib.

It's actually nice to get all FESTIVE.






Now before you go overboard and start buying every XMAS DECOR at the DOLLAR SHOP, think about these STYLE TIPS to keep your crib looking SNAZZY and CHIC without the festive OVERLOAD:

  1. Choose select pieces that will complement the style theme in your crib.

  2. Choose items that bring back childhood memories for that extra 'homey' feel.

  3. If you have a neutral style palette (eg. black and white), choose a distinct festive colour (red, green, gold, silver) and have it as a colour theme throughout your decorations.

  4. Make sure you have a few traditional items such as a wreath or a mistletoe that will shout XMAS.

  5. Think about being creative with certain decorations such as the Christmas Tree or Advent Calendar.

Here are a few sources of INSPIRATION that will definitely get those INTERIOR DESIGN STYLE brain cells working:

  • For small spaces, see how these SMALL TOUCHES of decoration can add a subtle hint of Christmas in your home:

  • These Christmas Trees make for a great FOCAL POINT in a 'bachelor pad' inspired style theme. Notice how the second 'makeshift' tree was brought to life?

  • Want to SNAZZ up your kitchen? These ceiling ornaments in different shades of grey bring the NORTH POLE straight into brekkie every morning!


So what say you?

Have you started decorating?

Suddenly inspired to bung on that XMAS MIXTAPE and start decorating the HECK out of your crib?

Sing it for me CARLY!





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