TREND: Fingerless gloves

December 1, 2015




Winter has literally smacked us all in the face and what better way to keep warm with a good pair of GLOVES!









Now, when it's not cold enough to bung out those pair of thick leather gloves (eg. 10 degrees C), I found an AMAZEBALLS alternative that will not only keep you warm but keep you looking FAB:













I mean, not ONLY are they STYLISH, but you can actually continue TEXTING without having to take them OFF.. 












You don't need to go overboard and buy an expensive pair.



I just bought a pack of four for a COOL 5 EUROS at PRIMARK!














  1. You can't go wrong with grey, brown, navy or black.

  2. Think about experimenting with texture (knit, crochet, leather, etc).

  3. Match the colour of your gloves with either your sweater or beanie.

  4. Leather gloves elevate your look for a night out (make sure they match your shoes).

  5. Knitted gloves match a more casual everyday look.



Need I say more? 



And don't worry, you WILL NOT look like the next best POKEMON TRAINER as you come fully decked out in your KIT!






Just ask my bezzie SEAN..










Oh, and Ash sends his regards.. 







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