Brunch Vibes


So how often do you BRUNCH?

1. Once a year

2. Once a month

3. Once a week therefore I'm BANKRUPT!

4. What's brunch?



Brunch is one of those occasions that have you making a lot of effort to dress up and look SNAZZY AS!

But where did this TRADITION come from?

I mean, who imagined the concept of an ALL INCLUSIVE food and drinks buffet in the afternoon where we all have a reason to look FAB and catch up with friends over a light (!) beverAGE?




There's a lot people tend to think about though:

"I need something that will cover up the tum-tum after consuming 6000 calories in 2 hours.."

"It's cold inside, but it's hot outside. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!"

"I might bump into work colleagues, but could also bump into my Tinder match.. HELP!"

"But I still need to look posh and classy for that post-brunch PUB CRAWL!"



Well don't fear, here are some TIPS that may help you out when fishing through your closet for that BRUNCH your dear mate just told you about an hour ago:

  • Choose something YOU'RE comfortable in! There's nothing worse than not being yourself just because your Louboutins are causing blisters or that super tight AX top has broken a rib..

  • Have some fun and coordinate something with your MATES! Select a colour or a theme and GO WITH IT!

  • Bringing a light scarf or a thin jacket/blazer will help you fight DRAFTY AIR-CONS and pesky LOVE HANDLES that pop out on that 3rd helping of SUSHI..

  • Bring out the inner FASHIONISTA! This is the best time to have FUN with fashion and wear something you wouldn't normally wear to work, to the mall, or to the local fish market..

Here are two OOTD's from a couple of brunches I've attended recently:



JACKET: COS (Collection Of Style) (Navy Blue)

SHIRT: COS (Collection Of Style) (Grey)

ACCESSORIES: Charriol (bracelet)



JACKET: H&M Blazer (Blue)


PANTS: H&M Skinny Ripped Jean


ACCESSORIES: Daniel Wellington (watch), Charriol (bracelet)

So what will you bring to the TABLE at your next BRUNCH?





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