STYLE GUIDE: San Francisco

San Francisco Bay and The Golden Gate





San Francisco has to be one of the most ICONIC cities in the US of A!

This trip had me BEYOND WORDS excited as I'd heard how vibrant and interesting this city is!

There are so many things to do, that you end up being STUMPED on where to start!



  1. Visit and take in the AMAZING Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.

  2. Book a ticket in advance and take a day trip to Alcatraz.

  3. Take a ride on a Cable Car and absorb the city's Victorian Houses.

  4. Walk down CRAZY Lombard Street.

  5. Have a seafood lunch and visit the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39.

  6. Book a day trip Wine Tasting tour to the Napa and Sonoma Valley.

  7. Scoff down brekkie at Dottie's True Blue Cafe for a traditional American Diner Experience.

The local CABLE CARS are an amazing experience, and the drivers are SUPER FRIENDLY so don't forget to TIP! Tickets are available close by each station so make sure you take a ride on one for a true San Fran experience..

Cable Car-ING

San Fran is an AMAZEBALLS place to SHOP TILL YOU DROP!



Youll bump into some amazing finds at Westfield Mall Downtown, and PLEASE DON'T FORGET the Macy's Men's Store downtown too! Imagine that, a department store JUST FOR MEN! It houses all fab men's style brands. Here I was able to find the new Michael Kors men's bag collection..

HEAVEN = Macy's Men's Store

*ADVISORY: The next few lines I WILL be talking about FOOD.. (step away if you're on a diet)*

Can I just say that I had the MOST AMAZING Seafood Chowder at Pier 39?!

Here I also stumbled upon a new fave of mine, SALMON BANNOCK!

What's Salmon Bannock you say? It's a piece of freshly caught salmon, grilled to perfection on a bed of sour cream, sandwiched in a STRAIGHT OUT OF THE OVEN bannock bread, and smothered in freshly squeezed lemon and salt/pepper..




And the Seafood Chowder?


I never thought I'd like it, but seeing everyone around ordering it made me that tad bit CURIOUS..




So what did I wear in San Fran?



JACKET: Levis (The Trucker Jacket)

SHIRT: Zara Basic (Black)

PANTS: Zara Black Skinny Ripped Jean

SHOES: Zara (Black)


JACKET: COS (Collection Of Style)

SCARF: Giordano (Black Knit)

SHIRT: Jay-Jays (Black Basic)

PANTS: Zara Black Skinny Ripped Jean

SHOES: Massimo Dutti



SWEATER: H&M Textured Knit Cotton (white)

PANTS: H&M Skinny Ripped Jean (grey)

SHOES: Adidas Nizza Hi Black Canvas

ACCESSORIES: Timberland (watch)

Do you think I made the CHARMED ONES proud?

I sincerely hope so!

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