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I'm throwing it out there:

WARSAW, and POLAND for that matter, has got to be one of Europe's BEST KEPT SECRETS!



Why did I not visit this country any SOONER?


I literally JUMPED at the chance I got to visit, and am NOT TURNING BACK!

Let's go!

Although I'd love to come back in the SUMMER, Warsaw in the winter is equally as STUNNING..


  1. Wander down towards Old Town Warsaw and visit Market Square, making sure you grab locally made wooden SOUVENIRS.

  2. Head to the top of one of Warsaw's TALLEST buildings, the Palace of Science and Culture, and take in an amazing 360 degree view of Warsaw.

  3. Wear sweatpants and INDULGE in SUMPTUOUS traditional Polish cuisine by eating at Zapiecek and Chlopskie Jadto.

  4. Shop till you drop by taking advantage of BARGAINS found at Zlote Tarasy Warszawa, a mall with the greatest fashion finds!

  5. Visit the monument of Poland's GREATEST composer, Chopin, and revel at special concerts held during the summer.

  6. Fall GRACEFULLY on the ice in winter by ice skating at the PGE National Stadium.

  7. Start your nightly BAR CRAWL at the communist-themed bar, Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa, and try SHOTS of every flavour of the local vodka Soplica or a PINT of the local beer Tyskie all for 1 EURO each!

I also got the chance to spend a night in nearby Lodz, and was amazed at how this formerly industrial city is transforming itself into a MODERN ARCHITECTURAL DREAM..

Take a look at how this textile factory has TRANSFORMED into a lively culture and arts center that is now known as Manufaktura:

Manufaktura, Lodz

LOVE beer you say?


Why not grab a Grzaniec (Grzane Piwo)?



Well it's Mulled Beer (much like Mulled Wine)! It's a hot beer that's mixed with spices, honey, and lemon..


My personal FAVE was the raspberry version: hot beer with raspberry and cinnamon!





I was never much into beers, but Grzaniec was perfect considering the -8 DEGREES CELSIUS we were experiencing outside!





Piwnica Rycerska




Can I just say...


Polish cuisine is another secret I wish I'd have discovered YONKS ago!!

Take at look at these PUPPIES that you can grab at Zapiecek:

And this POLISH FEAST at Chlopskie Jadto:




Here's a quick rundown of what you HAVE to try when you're in town:

  1. Pierogi (Dumplings, usually filled with sauerkraut and/or mushrooms, meat, potato and/or savory cheese - fried or boiled)

  2. Golabki (Cabbage leaves stuffed with spiced minced meat and rice or with mushrooms and rice

  3. Barszcz Biały (Sour rye and pork broth with cubed boiled pork, kielbasa, ham, hard boiled egg, and dried breads)

  4. Bigos (Stew of sauerkraut and meat)

  5. Golonka (Stewed pork knuckle)

  6. Placki Kartoflane/Ziemniaczane (Potato pancakes usually served with sour cream)

One of my most memorable moments in Warsaw was going up to the top of the Palace of Culture and Science to take in an AMAZING 360 degree view of Warsaw City..

Ticket ready!




Downtown Warsaw

So what did I wear to SHIELD myself from the wintery -8C?

OOTD 1 (Manufaktura, Lodz)

OOTD 1 (Manufaktura, Lodz):

OVERCOAT: H&M Biker Jacket (Black)

PANTS: H&M Skinny Jeans (Dark Grey)

SHOES: COS Leather Boot (Black)

ACCESSORIES: Black Knit Scarf by GANT

OOTD 2 (Palace of Culture and Science)

OOTD 2 (Palace of Culture and Science):

OVERCOAT: COS Dark Grey Knit

PANTS: H&M Skinny Jeans (Dark Grey)

SHOES: Tan Chelsea Boot (Aldo)


OOTD 3 (Downtown Warsaw)

OOTD 3 (Downtown Warsaw):

OVERCOAT: Zara Grey Knit Oversized

PANTS: Zara Black Skinny Jeans

SHOES: Grey Chelsea Boot

ACCESSORIES: Black Knit Scarf by GANT

So whats the verdict?








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