GETAWAY: Western Caribbean Cruise

Mahogany Bay, Honduras



This was my FIRST CRUISE!


Honestly, my friends and I had ALWAYS thought cruises are reserved for RETIRED FOLK..

But getting on the CARNIVAL GLORY has definitely CHANGED all of that!

Carnival Glory, docked in Cozumel

I mean, WHY NOT?


Embarkation was from MIAMI..

Here's the view from our room on DECK 10:

Balcony Room, Starboard

The cabins are pretty COZY.. And if you can get a BALCONY ROOM, I say GO FOR IT!

Where else can you relax, watch the sunset, and take in all the wonders and joys of life, all on your OWN LITTLE BALCONY?!



CARNIVAL seemed a pretty good option at the time, considering we decided last minute, and we DID NOT regret this one bit!



Where else would you be able to see FOUR COUNTRIES in 7-DAYS?


So this is why you HAVE to get on that next cruise ship.. Honestly, it DOES NOT break the BANK!


I was more than excited to be going to the following places that I had only previously DREAMED about:

  1. Grand Cayman Islands

  2. Mahogany Bay, Honduras

  3. Belize City, Belize

  4. Cozumel, Mexico



Take a look at what I got up to:

DAY 1-2:


We took the opportunity to roam around and explore every bit of the CARNIVAL GLORY SHIP..

Pool days

And yes, that also meant a quick visit to the GYM to burn off those sneaky mojitos from the night before!


DAY 3:


The video below shows how ABSOLUTELY EXCITED I was to be waking up at 6AM in order to take our first excursion..



But our quick few hours at the CAYMANS were filled with so much FUN and EXCITING things to do!

I wasn't able to get any pictures as we were transported to a SANDBAR, but one of the highlights of this stop was being able to FEED and HOLD an actual STINGRAY!





Such as a quick stop at RUM POINT for some souvenir shopping and some local PINA COLADA..



DAY 4:




Excuse me, but who else can say they've been to HONDURAS?

We quickly decided on ZIP-LINING through the FOREST all the way down to the BEACH..





I've gotta say, I didn't have to pass by the gym that night as ZIP-LINING 12 platforms was just what I needed for that UPPER BODY WORKOUT!


Take a look at THIS:

Goodbye Honduras!

How's that for a SUNSET that bids ADIEU as you sail towards your next destination?


DAY 5:


You just have to love their country's tourist slogan:


Coz you have to.. Especially when you reach the TOP of the XUNANTUNICH MAYAN RUINS:

View from the top (Xunantunich, Belize)



From the top, you can take a PEEK into GUATEMALA..



DAY 6:



On this stop we decided to roam around the port ourselves and take in some LOCAL DRINKS that will QUENCH YOUR THIRST..

Margaritas in Mexico

Did someone say TEQUILA?


DAY 7-8:


Why not spend your last day relaxing in the JACUZZI, as you cruise by CUBA?

Spa & Jacuzzi Day



  1. Booking a STARBOARD side room (RHS of the ship) ensures good views when DOCKED at each port.

  2. Avoid the crowds at the BUFFET and eat in the last 1-hour of each dining time. This also ensures fresh food as it's been re-stocked!

  3. Build rapport with the staff and you'll get a few SECRET EXTRAS here and there throughout your cruise.

  4. Make an itinerary for each day, the night before. This ensures you maximise every minute of your trip!

  5. Buy DUTY FREE only on the LAST DAY of your cruise as everything goes on sale!

  6. Don't take the ELEVATORS for the entire trip (they're always full anyway)! Lose a few extra calories by taking the STAIRS between each deck!

So when are you taking your FIRST CRUISE?


CARNIVAL may just be able to help you out with that!


Time to GETAWAY!



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