LET'S TEST: Mini Ring Light




Is it just me, or has everyone's SELFIE GAME just LEVELLED-UP?


LIGHTING has becoming the ultimate source of an AMAZING SELFIE which has lead several of our friends and family to be HUNTING DOWN light sources at every opportunity!



After much eBAYING, I stumbled upon a product that's been out for a while but ended up buying in order to feature on a REVIEW:



Behold, the MINI RING LIGHT:

Mini Ring Light

After ordering, I received the product at my doorstep within 4-DAYS!

Soon enough, I was making AWKWARD faces in front of my phone and pumping out 'RINGED EYED' pictures just like in PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SHOOTS.


I just love how it comes in 4 colours that will match your PHONE CASE:

Pink, Black, Mint Green, White

Check out the VLOG I made reviewing the product and talking about all it's FEATURES:

Have you decided to LEVEL-UP your selfie game and buy a MINI RING LIGHT?

What do you think dear readers?




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