LET'S TEST: Frank Body Lip Scrub

Frank Body Lip Scrub





If you're like me, I consider LIP CARE as one of the most important aspects of personal grooming..


There's nothing more ANNOYING that having dry, chapped, cut, and even bleeding LIPS!



So I made it a personal mission to keep an eye out for a GOOD PRODUCT that keeps my lips IN CHECK through all the WEAR and TEAR I put them through on a daily basis.

I chanced upon FRANK BODY on a recent visit to MECCA, a beauty retailer in AUSTRALIA.



Here, I had a look through their products and was instantly drawn towards their LIP SCRUB, specifically because it was a COFFEE SCRUB!


Kissable lips? LOL

I'd never used a LIP SCRUB before, and after reading it's instructions it seemed pretty easy enough to apply and maintain its routine.

Check out the PRODUCT REVIEW I did below:




Check out the video released by FRANK BODY on their website:

Before I forget, PLEASE use a good LIP BALM after using ANY LIPSCRUB!

It really helps seal in all the GOODIES you applied to you lips and also keeps it moisturised after all the SCRUBBING!




---------> www.frankbody.com

---------> www.mecca.com.au

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