LET'S TEST: Lip Balms





I know what you're all thinking..


Like, ew..

But hang on a second peeps! This is actually PRETTY important!

Have you ever had that moment where you lost your FAVOURITE lip balm and just could NOT live to see another day?


Well, I actually experienced THAT kind of moment. And to prevent it from happening again, I made SURE I tried other kinds of LIP BALMS that would be a great alternative to my FAVOURITE BRAND..

Now without further ado, check out this week's GROOMING VLOG where I test 4 NEW LIP BALMS..

Who will win the ULTIMATE LIP BALM WAR?

Have you tired any of these LIP BALMS?



#grooming #productreview #lipbalm #shiseido #lucaspawpaw #labocare #cocokindcollective

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