LET'S TEST: Samsonite Evoa Spinner





So I just came back from my trip to SCANDINAVIA and my ever trustworthy Samsonite Cosmolite finally gave up on me (she broke)!

She had a good run, nearly 6-years, but I travel a lot more than the average person so she actually lasted EXTREMELY WELL in my opinion.

So this lead me to buy ANOTHER SAMSONITE SUITCASE! I went out on the hunt, and stumbled upon the EVOA SPINNER series!


Launched in late 2017, these suitcases were STYLISH AF!

I had to get a couple of them and TEST them out for you!

Check out this week's LET'S TEST VIDEO:

So what do you think?

Is it worth the INVESTMENT?



Samsonite Evoa 55cm Spinner


Samsonite Evoa 69cm Spinner


Samsonite Evoa 75cm Spinner


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