LET'S TRY: Chinese Snacks ($5 Family Mart Challenge)






I was recently in CHENGDU, CHINA and was overly excited to do a TRAVEL VLOG for you guys..


The rain got the best of me and had to cancel my sightseeing plans!


Luckily for me, there was a local FAMILY MART just near the hotel! So I checked my wallet and saw I had RMB 35 (approximately $5) left from my last trip to CHINA..

A challenge then popped into my head: HOW MANY CHINESE SNACKS CAN I BUY FOR RMB 35?


So I waltzed into FAMILY MART and carefully combed each item in the snack aisle just to make it fit into RMB 35!

Check out this week's LET'S TRY video on my CHENGDU shindigs as well as all the snacks I was able to buy for approximately $5:

Which one do you want to try?


#china #letstry #challenge #chinesesnacks

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