Let's keep it real. 

What do YOU know about BALMAIN?

(choose one)

  1. Nada

  2. Kimmy K wears it

  3. Kanye wears it

  4. I think 'Yonce wears it

  5. It's from France

  6. Do they make clothes?


Don't worry, imma give you a quick rundown of h...


Doesn't she look pretty?









I first fell in LOVE with my first pair of WHITE SNEAKS back in high school. 






While being on a budget that time, my white sneakers matched EVERYTHING I had in my limited/teenage war...


I know your story. 



You SLAVE away at work morning and night. 



Not eating right. 


Not exercising right. 


Not sleeping right. 



Getting older by the hour.. by the minute.. by the second.. 







And before you know it, you've developed the dredded EYE BUG...





Yes boys, THE DENIM JAY is officially back and its' ready to make a HUGE impact on your wardrobe this 2016!



If you're a fan of street/urban style then you'll LOVE how versatile the denim jay actually is..



Literally throw it on top of a...


It's THAT time of the month! 



Yes, I make sure I bung on a facial mask at least 1-2 times a month if I can squeeze it in.. 








The nature of my work puts all kinds of PRESSURE (!) on my skin so imma need all the help I can get to kee...



Hats off to whoever brought back loose and oversized shirts. 







Not all of us are blessed with adonis bodies and these shirts seem to pull off hiding that big brekkie you had this morning.. 







I was on the look out for new shirts...


Yeah, the ones your parents were wearing even before you thought they were cool..

Honestly though, everyone was wearing them in the 90s. I thought they looked horrible back then coz all I wanted to wear were the bright coloured plastic sunnies on display at the...


Inspired to do a 'birthday post' today from all the amazing greetings I got over the course of the day.. 









This led me to thinking: are you EXCUSED from everything just because it's your birthday?



I under...



iPhone users are faced daily with their most difficult decision yet..




I mean, I get it.. You want the BEST picture possible, considering you're not so tech savvy when it comes to taking pictures. #badgenes


Let me help you wi...

Waking up in the morning to a list of boring chores can certainly put a damper on your day.

This doesn't mean that you need to look as drab and boring as the next person running to the shops down the road.. 

Put some STYLE into your kit by following a few simple rules:

  1. ...

My holidays were creeping up on me, and before I knew it, I had problems trying to get home to Brissy. But alas, there was an available seat in First Class so why not take the opportunity to fly in one of the most luxurious first class suites in the world? 


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