Ever heard of Grazing Tables?

Neither have I, until I attended a friend's EVENT a couple weeks ago.. 

Here, I saw a large group of people HOVERING around a table full of SCRUMPTIOUS cold cuts, fruits, cheeses, crackers.. 

I stood there and li...





So I just came back from my trip to SCANDINAVIA and my ever trustworthy Samsonite Cosmolite finally gave up on me (she broke)!

She had a good run, nearly 6-years, but I travel a lot more than the average person so she actua...




So, what is RFID?

I've been seeing these wallets like CRAZY lately and though I should do a product review for you guys.. 

I honestly think they are PRETTY COOL for what they can do, and are pretty stylish TO BOOT!

Wireless Identity Theft and RFID...




Ok ok.. SO.. You're probably wondering WHY I'm "trying" AUSTRALIAN SNACKS?!


Aussie snacks are AMAZEBALLS, and I wanted all of you guys to see what the FUSS is ALL ABOUT!

Think of this as a PART 1, because i'll DEFINITELY be...




So I've been thinking about getting a new powerbank lately and since I have an iPhone X I wanted to look into the new WIRELESS powerbanks.. 


I couldn't find many reviews about it, so I decided to make one MYSELF after eventually buying...




When in Rome.. 


Well, I WAS in Rome.. LOL! And I've got to say, it is one of the most PICTURESQUE cities I have ever been to. 


Look to the left, look to the right, HISTORY is EVERYWHERE!

Check out this week's LET'S GO video whe...

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